can't a suga' mama get some rest?

as i was napping on the couch this flew thru our window. ew.
its buzzzzzing woke me up.
i freaked out
called jolene in
then we both screamed as it strated to fly
she then threw a cup over it
then set him free outside.


Brenda_Says_: said...

lol I pictured you and Jo screaming in the living room jumping up and down... "lolz"

Lisa Marcia said...

You should have killed this! They are Satan's bugs ahaha. They attack me, my car, and have gotten stuck in my hair! I hhhhathem

Candice said...

@ lisa- i think it would have been a nasty big mess if we smashed that bug. it was fat and yuck haha.

@ brenda- i think our neighbors heard us screaming!

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