My Saturday Mornings as an Adult

my body is used to being up so early that if i make it to 9am still asleep i feel victorious.
and Saturday morning cartoons are a thing of the past. plus they all pretty much suck now. i fill the void with catching up on my online comics that i missed this week. they aren't anything educational. just purely for entertainment. and i thank the writers for their wit. check these ones out:

so B tells me that there is something wrong with the pool and that we are to stay out of it until further notice. i get this text as im sitting in it. i guess there is some electrical problem. nice. luckily my mama is out of town (see last post) so i can use her pool.

my room is almost complete! and i think i may have finally found a buyer of all my old furniture from craigslist. yessssss. my room feels so good. i finally feel relaxed in there and honestly its so comfortable that i never want to leave it. haha.

so now i have finished reading my comics, ate my breakfast (a chocolate brownie. I'm a health nut), fed the doggy, and now chattin' with B while she is at work.
my Saturday day now begins.

have a great weekend all

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