3, 2, 1

So as i was punching in my vons club card number at the gas station as i notice the nozzle on the other side of my pump start stretching and the sound of a car driving away.
i stood there waiting for the explosion.
as the guy stepped on his gas pedal the nozzle snapped at the safety break and the hose came flying back up.
it was really loud. but loud enough for these two women to notice. as i stood there jaw dropped and stiff they looked at me and both of them thought i dropped something. one asked me if i dropped my card or if i lost a contact haha.

i asked the guy if i could take a picture of him with the hose but he said that he was so embarrassed that he put on his sunglasses, a picture for my blog wasn't going to happen.

  • i'm addicted to etsy - something about receiving awesome stuff in the mail feels good
  • bummed out that i slacked on getting my comic con ticket - scalpers need to get on conventions
  • i like W.O.W. Wingery better than wingstop.
  • i get my bike today
  • i miss brenda. a lot (TOMORROW)
  • i will be a very very happy girl (to say the least) in three days


uzterk said...

ok, im not gonna lie....

the wow wingery comment kinda hurt my feelings.

i admit, they have a lot of good food there. but there wings do NOT taste anywhere NEAR as good as wingstop!

they do have cheap beer though :)

Candice said...

not gonna lie...

the cheap cheap really gave them the bonus points haha.
but i liked their wings a lot better. and their chicken strips, as shown in that link, are huge.
plus they are a heck of a lot closer to me.
nothing personal at all chris :)

Gabe said...

just wait till you guys come to OH and you can have
quaker steak and lube! its $10 for all you can eat wings on tuesday nights! its the best!!!

Lisa Marcia said...

A. Buffalo Wild Wings is better than both those places
B. I am addicted to Etsy too, but haven't purchased anything yet.
C. I feel another earthquake coming on! 3 aftershocks and counting

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