I want to ride it where I like

yes, i have finally bought my bike. he is beautiful and he will be arriving soon (i hope).
this will get me more exercise and i can join a biker gang (i hope).
and there's always good parking and i will have my own lane.
you can scratch this off the birthday list too. now all i need are pegs and those frilly things that come out the handle bars haha. seriously though, i cant remember the last time i rode a bike so this could hurt. but soon i will be taking uphills without breakin a sweat (i hope).
gas prices are brutal and i want to get out and feel the wind in my hair and the burn in my legs.
soon you'll be saying: whats up tandice


Gabe said...

did you get fitted for the bike to make sure its the right size for you?

i am super stoked that all you guys (and gals) are getting into riding! i love my bike too!!

Candice said...

there was a size chart online for that company and i just went by that. i had to order the extra small haha
tis the season for bikes

Gabe said...

haha, thats awesome. but jenny has to have a kids bike cause she is so short.

uzterk said...

that bike is rad! what brand is it? where did you get it?

Candice said...

Its a Giant and matt hooked it up with the TLD discount they get! yay!

Gabe said...

how much is that discount they get?

Candice said...

i think its cost to 40%....? but you have to add S&H and tax still.

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