my night went something like this:

-driving to pick up mike and seeing him chase after my truck hoping to scare me. or get ran over.
-sitting in traffic = listening to Paramore and This Will Destroy You. twice.
-getting on the wrong freeway.
-realizing i drive like i love.
-La Brea Tar Pits

(apparently mike was the only one ready for this picture)

where was i...
-looking at crazy talented chicano art and attempting to not feel the exhibits.
-strike 1.
-mike just setting off alarms in the ancient japanese art building.
-power walking thru the last building in 7 mins.
-putting faith into natsnaps navigational cellphone.
-finding the O.G. french dip place and it not being as cheap as i remembered (strike 2).
-laughing to geoffrey's touring stories and learning how to play The Drink Game, The Hamburger/Sandwich Game, and The Game.
-just hanging out with 3 of my favorite people.

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