4th of July

we started the morning by all of us making breakfast and since the lovely linds was staying with us we thought we'd make it a glorious one. blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip pancakes, with all the fixings. so good.

after kirk was done driving the magic school bus threw berrysweet we waltzed over to the Longs and grabbed a few things to make the day more enjoyable.

jousting pool toys. best $30 i spent that day. they were made to look like wood so, as you can imagine, the pervy jokes ensued. they were so hard to stay on too. so by the time you actually secured yourself on top of the log, add 9 other people in the pool, someone was always about to give you the smack down. good times.

the other cool thing purchased at Longs was our new disco pool light! the light that is in our pool has been broken since before me moved in and we've finally found a suitable stand in.

from our backyard you can see corona's firework show. they set them off literally right across the street from our house. man, i love living there. my roomies, the location, rent, pool. so blessed.

and for it being corona's firework show it was pretty good. i tried to get a picture of the finale.
we were so close to them that we could even hear the soundtrack to the fireworks. they played star wars and the Olympics themes. not very patriotic.
all in all, it was a funtastic day. we BBQ-ed kielbasa, carne asada, chicken, corn, baked potatoes, and asparagus. i ate myself into a food coma. and it was cool that a lot of people came over and hung out. haven't seen everyone together in a long time.

i wonder if the British have a day were they celebrate how much they hated us?

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