92 years young

This is my Great Grandma Waters (now Dailey, but shes always grandma waters to me). Yesterday she turned 92! Just thinking of what all shes seen in her lifetime is a bit insane. Everything that's changed since 1918... cars, buildings, and toilets, oh my! Its got to be a little bit heartbreaking too. Shes out lived her husbands, children and friends. She is my mom's mom's mom. She may just out live us all.

GGma Waters
Great Grandma Waters-Dailey

This is my mom's dad, my "Papa". He is the reason i have everything i have today. My wonderful mom, job, house. He grew up in Massachusetts and met my grandma from his sister. They went on a date once and they didnt like each other. Then years later they ran into each other again and fell in love. He served in the Korean War, never graduated from high school and was an extremely successful businessman. He told each of us grand kids we were his favorite and always encouraged us to grow up and be whatever we wanted. He loved telling stories about his childhood and loved his wife and family. Hes a perfect example of what a man and a provider should be. He always did everything he could for us to prosper.
Hes also in the final stages of Alzheimer's. He got it really young and i was only about 17 so hes never been able to see any of us grand kids succeed or even get married. Its really hard for me to see him like this so i really dont visit him anymore. There's no recognition in his eyes when he sees me and he doesnt talk anymore. My great grandma, who lives with him, talks to him like hes still the same old "Jimmy" and its pretty funny and cute and sad all at the same time. I think this might have been the first time geoffs seen him too. Im really sad that my kids will never get to know him and my grandma but thats life i guess.
I went over to his house last week to drop off some meds and take a picture of my ggma and i was only able to get 2 pictures of him. It was really weird. After the second picture he closed eyes and turned his head away. It was like he knew i was taking his picture and he didnt want me to. The doctors all say that hes unaware of everything going on and he used to communicate through blinking but he doesnt do that anymore. It was really crazy and i kind of just stood there for a second and thought he might actually still be in there. As soon as i packed the camera away he opening his eyes again.


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