The Morris Babes

Thankfully Geoff and i brought our camera on labor day to jonathan's chicken and waffle night because we got to practice on the cutest kiddies. Nich & Ginny's triplets: Liam, Bella, Aidan and then Jacob & Teresa's daughter Delaney. The dads, Nich and Jacobs are twins themselves too. They seriously have the most easy going temper kids and they are super cute to boot! 
Trying to keep focus on moving targets was harder than we thought and this was when we were first learning the manual settings so forgive the not so hot quality.
Delaney is in the pink Star Wars shirt, Liam and Aidan are in it too but im not sure which is which... Bella was surrounded by all the ladies so we didnt get any video of her.
Hanging out with my friend's kids keeps my baby fever at bay.

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Chris Kretzu said...

good stuff. those kids are adorable.

if you ever need music for videos about kids, you should check out The Terrible Two's - it's the singer from get-up kids and they have a couple childrens albums out.

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