change of address

for now on my blog will be found on:


so make sure to update any links that you have connecting to this blog. thanks!


Carynn Mae Eren. said...

question. you can just transfer all of your posts over? my blogger is connected to a different gmail account than the one i use and it drives me CRAZY but blogger wont let me change my email address... what do i do?

candice brouillette said...

i didnt actually move or transfer anything blog-wise. to change the email account its connected to you have to:
go to your blog dashboard
then Settings
then Permissions
under blog authors, add the new email address and it will "invite" that address to become an author. youll have to sign into that email acct and accept it. then sign into your old email acct and give that new email the "Admin" title.
(if that isnt working, make sure your blog's Profile email addy is set to the old one before you "invite" the new one. thats what i forgot and it wasnt working at first)

then i just changed the URL in the "Publishing" tab. then everything is changed you didnt lose any posts, comments, or have to mess with the layout again.

hope this helps!

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