breaking world records

we went to our first angels game of the season. spring has finally sprung.

it was snuggie night so everyone got a free one and at the 5th inning we all had to put them on for 5 minutes to break the Guinness world record. naturally people got really spirited once we were all in the same cheesemo snuglet and we had the best "wave" ive ever seen at a stadium. the ten year old inside me got pretty giddy about that.

this guy fashioned his into a turban
CLOSE UP: Then he just paced our whole section swaying with drunken excitement with his turban and sunglasses 

this is my first Guinness world record attempt. So im 1 for 1.
I always wanted to be in the book for something (longest water slide)...
ps- es, yours is on its way!


kretzu said...

oh man. i hope you put a diaper in that package!

candice brouillette said...

chris, are you hinting at what i think youre hinting at?!

Es said...

got it! and its more awesome than i could have imagined! you guys are the best!

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