you make my dreams come true

this is pretty much how i feel everyday since being married.
same context as the movie and all.

and now im going back to being a lady :x


hollywoodkiss04 said...

Forget you two adorable fools!!!! We are still in regrets with our souls that someone else grabbed us for your date. Either way I hope somebody snapped their creative gonads away for you two. You make it so easy on photographers anyway. Lucky individuals. Well, we still would love to style a shoot and photograph our gonads off with you two. free. unless you're going to charge us...

-Rog from EPlove
electronically mail me back at this address: roger@eplove.net

...and we'll set something up soon.!?

Michelle said...

ha ha! Okay, so - that was my favorite part of 500 days. :) lol. Awesome.

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