circa 1998

yesterday i decided to go through every single box left in the house with my name on it.
it was like a gold mine of memories that i had totally forgotten about! and i discovered that i might have had a hording tendency in high school. i had a hardy collection of baseball cards, fast food table numbers, comic cards, weird bobble head figurines, weird little Buddhas, empty jewelry boxes, cards, notes, a bunch of old clothes tags, lanyards, and all my corsages from my high school dances. it was gross. it was like a disgusting time capsule from 1998-2002:

pano past
pictured: my fave and first jewelry box, h.s. play bill, fave number to steal, my first cell phone, stack of excellent comic cards, YMCA "rag", many formal dance pictures, working at fender, nirvana phase, notes passed between friends, tapes from our house boat trips to shasta lake, and the disco ball that hung from my ceiling fan in my bedroom.

i really wanted my old cell phone (with the glow in the dark case, naturally) to turn on so i could hear the ringer. my mom had her own tone and if i heard it today i would probably still get wide eyed in fear because i was most likely doing something i shouldnt have. aaaand i found an old mother's day card i never used. what timing!

memories trapped in time, people!

1 comment:

Natalie. said...

that cell phone is HUGE! hahaha...calling zack morris..

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