Next He'll Be Kissin' Babies

email from my dad to me:

"Hey Buddy, I keep forgetting to tell you and James that I'm a tv star out
here. I'm in a couple of political commercials that are run on tv quite a
lot. The guy's name is jared Polis. The link to see them is below. Look for
the videos that are titled "Jared Polis on health care" and "Win". Hope you
can see them. Kinda funny."

(he is the salt & pepper colored hair fellow in the warehouse around 8 seconds into the ad.)

this is funny because:
1- because my dad claims to be so liberal even libertarian's aren't enough for him, and
2- i'm pretty sure he never votes.
but still, its pretty cool. and if my dad were to ever be on tv for anything it would be something like this or a special guest on kids in the hall.

just follow the finger, dad.

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