If we turn turn turn turn turn, Then we might learn

So yesterday was a day of some big goodbyes.
It started off by me leaving someone who i had been with for 6 years. I was a little hesitant to go at first but now i know it was a good move. I left verizon for t-mobile. I got the brand new sidekick and its amazing. So happy with it and its way cheaper with all the features i get than it would be with verizon. This morning i discovered another feature it has. Auto-correction on words. Florida changes words like "church" to "satan rules 666" and "berrysweet" to something really bad. And his name to "hot piece of ---" and geoff to "dumb ---". I didnt realize this until after several texts were sent and just 20 mins ago jojo tells me to calm down. lol

Next goodbye was to another missions trip i had wanted to go on so badly. It sucks because in my heart i truly already saw myself there and pictured what it was going to be like. But if its not God's timing its not right. Im starting to think i am doomed to never get out of corona. Even if its only for a short period.

And the biggest "see-ya" was saying bye to mike as he leaves us for the city of brotherly love. If you know mike then you know it was only a matter of time before he up and left us. He is too big for corona and the man is a nomad. He is all sorts of amazing, i cannot begin to tell you. I really hope i get to go and visit him soon though. I know he will be back because his parents live here but still... he isn't just a random text message away now. One bonfire and a 6am breakfast later he was on his way.

Ode to Mike:

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The Bear Den said...

welcome to the (dysfuntional) t-mobile family.

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