excitement fills the air...

when you're down and feeling blue here are some things to do:

1. watch this
: (repeat, repeat, repeat)

2. listen to this:
lindstrøm "where you go i go too" - it'll make you feel like you are in the 80's and moves your bones

3. eat this:


followed by

4. do this:

in other news:
  • school starts back up next week. going full time this semester so i can get the heck outta there already! working it full time, then school 3 days/wk after work, then second job on sat's
  • pray for me, please: balance
  • angel's game tomorrowwww
  • i have gotten confirmation from God on things. phenomenal. the way He talks to me is not direct, like a voice or anything, but through; people, situations, circumstances. i can hear His voice in all of that so loud and clear most times
  • toga party on saturday (inquire within) .
  • tomorrow Gabe Watt, Micheal Jackson, John McCain and i turn a whole 'nother year older.
Cheers to Gabe on being born!
Here is your bday present. All 15 seconds of its glory:


Brenda_Says_: said...

HAHAH! Gabe Watt: American Man Candy NICE :)

Happy early birthday to you and Gabe! Only one more day! Love you.

They Call Me Nails. said...

GOOO! I was trying so hard to explain that shark laughing when that movie came out and NO ONE understood me! hahaha

Gabe said...

dice, you freakin rock.

happy birthday to you too.

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