2 Weddings and a B-Fest

This past weekend was pretty funtastic. failed attempt of red hair, pizza, and friends filled Friday. But Saturday was my mom's wedding reception. If you scroll down a few blogs you'll see she got hitched in Hawaii and held a backyard bbq reception that was so entertaining.

old dudes rocking out

the groom & bride

He's laughing at me about something....
I think its at my step dad's record for world's longest introduction/ speech. seriously you had to be there and it was right when Brenda, Jojo, and Jesse walked into the party. perfect timing.

prom picture.

get it girl. get it.

then a dip to wash off the cake face.

Then came sunday. Kickball playoffs and i was Jojo's plus one to the Harwood wedding. after the ceremony i was told we lost our undeafted streak and eventually out of the whole competition.
I guess they needed Es and i. haha j/p. but kinda not.

i gave brenda my camera for a few mins and now i have 20 head shots like this

the beautiful bride, chelsea

ms christina lynn

jonny getting down


AND a few pictures of some mexicans and a poor white kid i picked up to do some house work for me before BRENDAFEST.

minutes before the faucet turned into old faithful

good as new.


dan the man with some experimentation

jonathan enjoying the taste of charity

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