junes first beach trip

so, after weeks of begging and talking Geoff into taking June to the beach he finally said "lets do this!". so we did.
head out the window = heaven
we decided to take the Ortega hwy over the mtns to San Clemente since from our house its the most scenic and fastest. i drove us the way there so i could go slow-ish and not get June car sick and im actually more familiar with that road than Geoff (shocker). there were signs posted everywhere saying no dogs allowed on the beach but i didn't care. it was almost 7pm, no one was hardly around, and i just really didn't care. but Geoff was kinda spazzing about it and worried we'd get a ticket. we never did. its so nice down there. i like south orange county beaches over HB, Newport, etc. less people and its prettier looking. but, HB has the only dog friendly beach in the area. i digress...

Her first interaction with the sand was not very pleasant. she went head first into it (which is the norm for her when she has her "gentle leader" on. she tries to remove it that way), sand in her mouth and half her face. so i ran her down to the shore and had the waves wash up to her paws. she freaked. booked it away from the water so fast! i think the loud noise of the waves crashing and the initial shock of water hitting her paws was just too much. i was holding on to her leash (we kept her leashed the whole time. im still not comfortable with her unleashed out in the open like that. espesh if someone else comes around with their dog unleashed) so she pulled me out of the water and back to Geoff. i tried running her back to the waves again but as soon as we got close she planted her legs into the sand and wasn't budging! shes def not a beach dog. bummer. i really wanted to frolic in the water with her. so after walking around for a while we split and Geoff drove us home.

not that hes a bad driver but she did get sick on his watch haha. about 5 mins from our house i noticed she was moving a lot in the back and then i noticed she started sniffing around. when she does that its a bad sign. i even told Geoff shes going to get sick and to slow down on the turns. as soon as i said that, BAM. BARF. in the back corner of my car. it was orange and watery (dog food + water). June has this look on her face like, im so sorry, i didn't know what to do! and with a cute face like her i just cant get mad at her for it. but i did fold the back seats up trapping the barf and her in the trunk area (its big enough) so that it didn't roll forward and get in the seats. i moved to the back and just pet her to let her know im not mad and to comfort her poor tummy. AND to keep her from eating it. as much as i wanted her to clean up her own mess, that's just wrong. haha.
the aftermath.
Geoff nearly threw up on the mess as soon as he got out of the car and looked at it, which meant that i had to do the honors. i did what i could but my car is getting detailed as i write this post haha. someone at Lenny D's is getting a good tip today!


KristinChaos said...

Poor June!! Bruiser loves the ocean but only if there is a bigger dog to run into the waves with him! I totally sympathize with the doggie car sickness, I have had more than one puppy barf in my car : /

Candice Brouillette said...

this is her first long car trip so next time i will be better prepared! haha
i wish june and bruiser could have a beach date. she loves the little dogs but im afraid of her spazzing out around so many dogs all at once at the beach that im too nervous to bring her to dog beach.

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