messy messy

the clutter in our house is taking over...
office clutter
dirty kitchen
dining table turned into junk yard
i think most of it is all the junk mail we get on the daily...
i think some of it is because geoff and matt were home all day everyday last week waiting for work to come in and to find out if baby green would be born soon enough for the guys to play in KY... so stuff started piling up.
i think it couldve been because geoffs been focusing on the yard when hes got free time...
but ya, its unexceptionable and on friday night i had planned to clean the place up but came down with some sickness and couldnt do anything but lay in bed and watch whale wars. saturday was the same but with dogs 101 instead. i hate being sick. i had to call in sick on a wedding i was working with In The Now for the first time. made me feel worse. but im feeling better today. my nose is just constantly running and my ears are plugged up but its an improvement.

so, i havent told you yet! im sure a few of you are wondering who this "matt" i just wrote about is... Matt is SG's drummer for the rest of this summer and he is from TX and living with us while hes out here. travis was offered a job working for his parent's company and is no longer with SG. luckily, they found matt and he flew out here and is working out and fitting right in with SG. hes a really sweet dude and he got married 4 days before flying out to CA! crazy, i know! ive got to talk to his wife a few times over the web cam and she seems like a doll! hopefully she can come out and stay with us for a while too.
and yes, matt is in "the stinky room" but its not the stinky room any more. thankfully. 
finally, one day geoff and i decided to pull up the carpet and this is what we found:
a 3'x4' oval of june piss.
a lot bigger than it seems

geoff shampoo'd the crap (no pun intended) out of the back side of the carpet and replace the mat underneath and the room's scent instantly improved! it was a ridiculous amount of dog urine and thats what happens when husbands sleep in while the wife is at work and the dogs gotta wizz  :)   
so ya, back to matt, hes a sweet, smart dude and a clean, fuss-free roomie living in the habitable guest room of our house.

note: we are not dirty people. honestly. im a lazy germaphobe and geoffs a neat freak. life happens. also, i cleaned the house on sunday night so its safe to come over for a visit <3

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