people watching

its just a natural tendency for me. and not because im being negative or judgmental or something like that. im just a curious person i guess. 
last Thursday my mom scored Geoff and i 4 tickets to the angels v. dodgers game so we decided to ask my big-little-brother and his wife to come with us and make it a sibling double date first for us. the seats were amazing! 23 rows up from third base and a healthy mix of fans for both teams. its been almost two years since my mom gave me these seat tickets and last time we had them with had the drunkest 4 people in front of us (check out my bday in 2008 post).

Wendell is still the old man in charge of our section. hes seriously the friendliest man and kinda looks like sinatra to me. most people in our area are season ticket holders (thats how we get them) so these people all know each other. Wendell even brought pictures of his daughter and her kids to show the people sitting next to us.


arf! arf!
This is the old man who was sitting behind me screaming "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!?" followed by two wimpy barks that a sounded like a squeaky toy.


waiting for the swing

This is the older gentleman is who swooped into the chairs in front of us once the actual ticket holders left to get food. Wendell let it slide because apparently they are buddies.

The original people in front of us were overly friendly. They heard us talking about how good their Ruby's food smelled and the mom offered us their chili cheese fries! Who does that these days?! really kind people, thats who! or child molesters. but i wasnt getting that vibe from them.


Geoff was working out in redlands that day and since we got the tickets around noon he asked that i pick up clothes and his shoes to change into at my brother house. well, i forgot. so Geoff had to sport his "dad shoes" in shorts.
hawt stuff. 


Natalie. said...

aww where's the leotard guy??

Candice Brouillette said...

leotard was too far forward for a iphone pic but his outfit and moves are forever burned into my brain.

i also left out "the d-bag" and "shades" who thought it was fun to walk down everybody's row to get to the other side instead of using the walk way next to them. this was after the sun set and the one guy was still wearing is sunglasses.

Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

ooh fun post! i love people watching too but never have the guts to take my camera out unless i'm a safe distance away. one time i just HAD to take a pic of this lady with a short skirt and navy blue knee high panty hose on to send to my sis. just had to lol.

Candice Brouillette said...

i know what you mean... i get nervous ill get caught BUT i found this app that will take picture automatically while it looks like youre just talking on your phone! creeper haha

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