"She's a lady..."

Recently i started a internship for a fabulous company called In The Now.
i can not express how much i love the ladies i get to work with. they are all so creative and beautiful. very intimidating to work with at times.
oh, did i mention that In The Now is a wedding and event coordinating? i get to help coordinate weddings. umm... yes please!
lovey pretty things + organizing = good stuff

i always mean to take pictures of the events ITN does but when they are happening we are typically too busy to stop and take any. so here is a moment captured by the wedding photographer while we were stuffing ourselves with in-n-out.

click this. scroll to the bottom. far right.

so classy.


nicole said...

haha, you are by far THE CLASSIEST!

Anonymous said...

that's so exciting about the internship. hope you are LOVING it. :) i'm hoping something comes up for me soon....

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