Introducing Mr & Mrs Webb

Last saturday i got to see one of my best friends Matt get married to the beautiful and sweet Mareena. I didnt get any video of the ceremony because jojo and i were helping out with the coordinating so we were in the back for the first part of it. but let me tell you, i havent cried at a wedding in years and i got teary eyed there. you could just feel the love they had for each other and it was really intimate. plus i was just so over the freaking moon that matt found someone so amazing and lovely and with a huge heart for God.
so much fun at the reception that night.
here's a little bit of what my camera recorded. i had to use imovie again so its really crappy editing so dont judge me on that.


Brenda_Says_: said...

Of course I would get teary eyed watching the video!

Great job! I especially liked that you threw in some Coldplay ;)

Es said...

okay glad it wasn't just me B :)

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