warning: cuteness overload

so its widely known that i am not a cat person. i don't hate them or anything i just hate the allergies i get from being within a 500ft radius of them. and most are so anti social and scaredy-cats (pun intended) they just don't sound like a fun pet to have.
BUT, kittens.... oh, kittens ima a sucker for.
i pass off the baby im holding-- no... that wont even suffice. I would put down my bowl of ICE CREAM to hold a kitten! they are just cute lil fluff balls of adorableness from heaven. and ive always said that if they made a mini-kitty i would totally get one.

well... they've done it. and just in time for my birthday.

no, im not talking about no dwarf cats either (those little guys look like someone took a cigar cutter to their legs. freaks me out!). they are toy and tea cup sized cats! no bigger than a woman's size 8 shoe and over 7lbs:

and June totally needs a little friend to play with. look how bored she is with her chew toys...

p.s. - why do these cats look like they are taking glam shots?


itssleanneee said...

you should see the glam shots that my cat has from the lady that owned her before us.
cat glamshots are creepy.

Brenda_Says_: said...

i would TOTALLY want a cat like that!

BUT... I think the kitten would be June's new chew toy... not new friend.

Debi said...

Don't you lie to me Candice Valdespino...don't you dare lie to me! My heart can't handle it. I will pretend that this is a joke, started by none other than those pranksters behind the bonzai kitten scandal. The thought of having a kitten forever would make my heart explode with happiness.

nicole said...

kittens don't have fluff...and i don't think you'd want to see what june pulls out of the inside of your sweet kitty.

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