Vegan, Gluten-Free, 50% less sugar, Fair Trade Chocolate Chip Cookies

this is my attempt at guilt free chocolate chip cookies.

since many of my friends have special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, fair trade foods) i wanted to accommodate my baking so that i don't aid in anyone stumbling. after about 5 mins of research i found that i just needed to replace a few ingredients. i made a quick stop to Henry's after work and picked up gluten free and vegan friendly substitutes:

  • gluten free flour
  • just like sugar - white sugar substitute
  • vanilla extract - gluten free
  • butter - vegan
  • eggs replacer
  • dairy and gluten free, fair trade chocolate (im not a fan of carob)
  • baking soda (trader joes)
  • Morton's salt
the only thing im not too sure that is vegan is the brown sugar i used. C&H. not sure how they filter it (most sugar co. use some type of bone char)

you can use your same cookie recipe but just do some homework on what type of sugar substitute you use. some types aren't best for baking and they can cook faster than the rest of the mix so you may need to watch the over more closely so that you don't burn your goodies. also some brands you don't use the same amount of sugar as the recipe calls for since most are hundred's of times sweeter than actual sugar.

don't be lazy. when mixing up dough start with a dry bowl and a wet bowl. it makes a difference.
now this is usually my favorite state of the cookie making process. the past couple of weeks my roomies could find me sitting on the couch eating dough while watching ellen or the dog whisperer. this dough though.... its still good to steal spoon fulls of but the consistency of it is different than the average. its kinda got this chewy grain thing to it.

375 degrees

and 11 mins later...

...you get these tasty treats

i gave geoffrey one w/o telling him that they were special and he said they tasted good. so then i told him that they were vegan, gluten-free, 50% less sugar, and fair trade and in a child like fashion he made a face as if i just tricked him into eating dog poo. but he cant deny his blind taste test reaction! brenda, jojo, and debi approved of them last night. when i gave my mom and uncle a cookie today, they approved. and when i told them what they were they started laughing at each other because they just found out they have to switch to a gluten-free diet.

so ya.... hope this wasn't too boring for you and that i might have helped anyone out there in baking land. and if something i used wasn't vegan friendly, please tell me. oh, and any suggestions!

i need a shorter name for them. brenda suggested "air cookies" since they aren't as bad sugar-wise to eat.

vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, fair trade chocolate chip cookie. the ultimate guilt free treat.


nicole said...

they look delicious! you're pretty good with the baking so i'm sure they're wonderful.

i'll tell you what i know about brown sugar. since it's just white sugar combined with molasses there is a good chance that it has been through the same bone char process that the white sugar goes through. (i say good chance only becuase it depends on if that company uses that process.) so there's all i know. haha.

Lisa Marcia said...

Yummy! Gonna try these soon!

Brenda_Says_: said...

Yay for Air cookies! I think when I open a restaurant some day that you should be my baker!

O'Shunta said...

This is sexy

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