since youre going to eat tomorrow anyways...

...why not go eat somewhere where its of triple benefit.
Jimmy's Diner (on the corner of main/ont in corona) is going to give 15-20% of your purchase to Catalyst to send 7 of their students to Thailand on a mission trip.
just mention catalyst and everybody wins.

if you cant make it to eat at Jimmy's Diner tomorrow know that we are having a rummage sale at south hills church on may 16th in the parking lot.
100% of everything donated and sold will go to the mission trip.
so, if you want to donate stuff/junk/crap in your closets, backyards or garages that you want to get rid of just let me know and brenda, jolene or myself will pick it up from you!
Brenda and Jolene need to come up with about $2,500 by may 18th.
so any donations would be extremely grateful or just come to the rummage sale and make another mans trash your treasure.

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