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chapman check up

i sent in my completed application on February 28th.
i heard back from them a couple times asking for me to resend my letter of recommendation and for my high school transcripts. people told me that them asking for my high school grades is a good thing, but if you knew my high school grades you'd know that its not haha. i wasn't a idiot or anything. just wasn't motivated. not like how i am now which is why the tone of my essays were: please ignore my younger years and see how much i have changed in the past two years...im an A/B student now all while working full time and going to school at night full time.
i just want to know already!

till then, im just sitting in this waiting room.
this whole summer is basically a waiting room for geoff and i. seeing where God takes the band, tour, work, money situations, school, a lot of big decisions this summer... just have to wait and see what God's planned. but im going to have fun till then

starting with memorial day! im so sunburned! just waiting for my mexican half to turn it into a tan because it feels like i am constantly receiving a indian burn all over my body. and i feel like weak sauce for being so sore after a game of softball and kickball. then the festivities continued at the shack with bbq-ing, swimming, karaoke, and games. some priceless video footage will be posted soon. (i finally figured out how to work my video camera with my comp but i really don't like using imovie) seriously, i have amazing friends. i love all of you that came over and hung out. made my day. i was so tired after that long day. up early for a crepe breakfast that jojo prepared for us and then june started ralphing all night :( lets recap everything she ate that weekend that wasnt from her dog bowl:
-3/4 of a cheese pizza from the night before
-pool water
-pool water
-raw hamburger meat
-pool water
-fruit bits
she seems to think the pool is her water bowl.

i know im no music critic but the new sleeping giant is so amazing! i cant stop listening to it. once i understood what he was saying, tommys lyrics are so moving haha. j/p. there's a lot more singing in this one which i love but it still has heavy breakdowns. the over all recording of the album is much better quality than the last one. and its over 45 mins long! cant wait for you guys to listen to the whole thing. beautiful worship. you can pre-order it now too. youll get the cd a few days sooner then the release date and a shirt.

California, you disappoint me. and to the Christians, where is Christ's love in all your discrimation? please show me.

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