bring your dog to work day

i came home last week to a note on my door saying the gas company has to change our gas meter out and that i needed to leave the side gate unlocked and tie my dog up. for june and my neighbors sake i wasn't about to chain her to the basketball pole again. its too hot outside now and she barks and cries if i do that. so i decided to declare friday Bring Your Dog to Work Day. one of the few perks to working for your family.

as you can tell... june had a rough day.

and then she discovered the fish tank:

she got so excited and she would chase the fishes from one side of the tank to the other, snapping her teeth at them trying to bite them through the glass. shes was so cute.

after work i decided to try out The Paw Spa, a do it yourself dog grooming place in corona. the place is legit with different sized bathtubs and all the things you would ever need to groom. the lady that runs it was really cool and helped me out a ton! see, june is what you would call "dog aggressive". she HATES other dogs and naturally, there were dogs everywhere in that place. she was lunging with her lips up, teeth out, aggressively barking at rots, dobermans, and poodles. it was so embarrassing. the lady even started yelling at june in german which worked for about 15 secs. then she was back losing her cool.
after that i decided to try and introduce her to my moms dog, Jack thru the fence in her back yard. that was a bust. i need the dog whisperer. even classes haven't helped her. she loves people though.

then, to top off the bad dog behavior, i baked a bunch of blueberry muffins for brenda and jojo to sell at their rummage sale on saturday morning. well, after i was done baking them i went up to the church to help them set up and since it was 11:30pm i didn't want to lock june out and have her bark and piss off the neighbors again so i left her in the house. when i came home there was 12 missing and the only ones left were the muffins i left in the cupcake pan.
no paper wrappers to be found.
not a crumb.
only four little june hairs on a cookie sheet.
it was totally my fault for leaving them on the counter where they are easily accessible to her if she stands on her back legs.
pictures are deceiving. shes a pretty large 80lbs and growing.

[end dog rant]

in other non boring to you news:
- i got a postcard from chapman saying that they have my full application and will NOW evaluate it. so i probably wont hear back from them till after the holiday weekend.
- been listening to the new SG album all day today. its so amazing. i cant wait till you hear it for yourselves. (no i wont burn you a copy)
- monday night bike ride tonight if your interested, hit me up

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Michael said...

hahahaha thats awesome! i wish i could bring my pup to work!

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