Memorial Day

Here is some very rough footage from monday. it was my first time using imovie. that program sucks. i still love my pc more.

p.s. - my apologies for my constant off camera laughing. i just couldnt contain myself!


Brenda_Says_: said...

This day was INSANE!

Thanks for the adding the clip of when I saw "Corre's Junk" :(

But I must say I LOVE that you ended it with Bryan singing "Material Girl".

Good times...

esmeralda said...

oh man sooo many amazing things happening at the same time-- my favorite high points:

Corre's junk section-
nicole: I told you it was small
Chris: they used to call me cupid in college (insert awkward silence)

and anytime Collin was in it haha

lets do that again!

Jagger Photography said...

aww im sad i missed the good times.

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