J<3M + baking = fantastic idea

i would just like to bring your attention to john mayer's blog.
i know, i know, some of you dont love his music like i do but you "respect him as a musician". but seriously, the guy is pretty dang funny and for that i like him. yes, he is my unreachable dreamboat celebrity crush. but i digress-
he started this contest he calls, Interfaith Baking. people submit their best looking and holiday spirited baked goods and he will share them and post the best looking one and winner gets a prize.
im going to win it.
well not really, im not that fantastic as a cake decorator. but its nice to dream.
i have made tons of cookies in the past 5 days. i love baking sweets. i love baking with my mom every christmas. on last friday i tried making vegan cookies for SG to snack on while they were on their travels. not so hot- first batch i used whole wheat flour instead of white. leave the wheat flour for bread haha... no good for chocolate chip cookies. the second batch were okay but not good enough to give to them (espesh since i hear joanna, lil ryans girl, makes the best vegan baked stuff). then on sunday night i made cookies and realized i ran out of chocolate chips (note: carob chips are AWFUL). so we thought oreos would suffice. uuuhhh brilliant idea! delishiness mixed with, oh whats that?, MORE delishiness!
AND with a certain someones birthday coming up this week im going to bake these amazing cupcakes nicole found a while ago. if they come out as cool as it looked in the picture you will know.

wow, i cant believe i had that much to say about baked goods. haha im such a fat kid.

me: getting my baking on
heath: getting it on

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