the celebratory weekend of geoffs quarter life

sooo friday was geoffrey's 25th bday but we mainly celebrated it on sunday when we went to six flags. it was a day where if you brought a toy worth $15 you got in free. so, it being free + park being pretty much empty+ the cold weather = perfect conditions.
not many pictures were taken but here are a couple. so much fun. i have never been on so many roller coasters consecutively. and the roller coasters there put all the ones i have ever been on to shame. oh. my. word. and this one called "tatsu"... i wasn't sure if i was really crying from fear of my chest and ankle harness malfunctioning and plunging face first to my death or just my eyes watering from the wind.
surprisingly none of us ralphed but we all made the unwise choice to go on this sketchy carnival-like ride that almost destroyed all our stomachs. you know, one of those circles you stand against the wall and it spins you so fast that you stick to the wall? ya. no bueno.

Not picture that came are bryan and tony.

here are the cupcakes i baked for him. he loves sharks. hence shark attack cup cakes.

finals tomorrow. joy.
rainy day today. yay.
all i really wanna do is lay in front of the fireplace and bake.
dont. wanna. study.
le sigh.

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nicole said...

nicely done on the cupcakes!

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