God's never looked so rad!

last night geoffrey and i went to a christian book store to pick up a bible cover for his mom's Christmas present. once inside, we pretty much lost our minds in there.

for the colored woman who needs her own translation to relate to God's word.

some sweet shirts:
ghoff got pissed about this one since it has his favorite verse

and the one i can picture the Flanders' kids wearing.......
while playing this

speechless yet? here's more:

because regular old granola bars aren't holy enough....
candy? check.
gum? check.

and just when we gave them a chance to totally redeem themselves....
they didn't even sell Sleeping Giant's CD.

the only thing really missing in there was that there weren't any carpenter's tool for sale.

in the words of lil' ryan - "Christians will buy doo doo if you shape it into a Jesus fish"


my post on this isn't to make fun of people who do actually buy this stuff. but more to point out how it feels like people are cashing on the the God train and how they are trying to make Jesus "cool" and "rad". Jesus isn't a trend.
I'm truly sorry if i have offended any of you but i just find these things to be so ridiculous and it makes me sad.

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Josh said...

my mind is blown right now

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