happy eve of christmas eve

today is one of my favorite days of the year.
all the anticipation for tomorrow, which is indisputably my favorite day of the year, and i usually have a good Christmas party to go to, baking, and work (which is oh slow today yet i am still working?!).
this year i actually have a tree and decorated the house all Christmas-y. last year B and i had the a.p.t. and lacked all things Christmas except my holiday moose that my mom gave me.
and since this year i have 3 amazing roomies and a fire place i have a lil' something-something to surprise them with in the morning. i feel like Santa. or at least like i am putting their presents out before they wake like im their mom. so excited. haha

here is my moms pup jack. he loves his new outfit. cant ya tell?

i have seen my fair share of humorous Christmas cards but tones takes the cake.
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