Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

...every where you go

walmart parking lot

mystery person's Christmas cards (im not allowed to share who it is yet)
even the sheshack got into the spirit

nativity scene

florida helped me hang lights all around our entire living room(s) yesterday

my prediction, at the least, they will be up till march.

now lay next to the fire place with me
listen to it crackle
see the flickering flames
and hear to heath and gray talk about butts from the couch


Carynn Mae Eren. said...

love love christmas! i don't have a fireplace... just a dvd of one. :(

O'Shunta said...

Please tell Tone...I mean, mystery man, to send me one of his cards.

415 Rector st.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19128

yes, i know that he will complain and mock me that i have not writen or called HIM but...

Just reming him it's christmas and he's not allowed to hold a grudge.

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