our fridge makes us look healthier

i never realized how much you can tell a person by whats in their kitchen cabinets.

guess who's: Jolene, Brenda, Heath, or myself
(you can always click the pics to enlarge them for better lurking)





winners get a prize!


Brenda_Says_: said...

LOL! I guess I can't play since I know the answers... :(

Esmeralda said...

a) heather (looks a little messy and there is a CRAP load of vitamins-- she seems like the sickly type :)

b) Jolene- stacked with easy to make pasta and pretty organized

c) Brenda- my only reasoning for this is that i think those are love notes on the sugar and so maybe they were a gift from jesse?

d) Candice- you stick to the basics! haha

I'll be by for my prize later :)

Heather Jagger said...

WHAT!! Esmeralda Kretzu!!! I am the sickly type?? Haha what the crap? I'm not sickly, I'm healthy so I take vitamins! Come on... vitamins, organic rice milk, organic cereal..... sickly... psh.

candice valdespino said...

@es - so close but no. You were 2 for 2.
Thank you. Try again.

candice valdespino said...

@es - correction: you only had one right! Haha sorry

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