just like the movie only sans vince.

here's some pictures from the dodgeball tournament:

idk how many teams there were but there was a lot of people signed up and some that just came out to watch.

es likes to move it-move it

all the teams arrived in some kind of team uniform. the TLD dudes, naturally, had the nicest uniforms.

but, of course, gayson stole the show.

there were lots of people there that i had never seen and some i hadnt seen in a long time.
Es and Moe had all the rules laid out to everyone before hand. its was way organized and there were i think 4 refs this year so bad calls wouldnt be made like the year before.
ya, we get that into it.

neither geoff nor myself lost to the chipotle bet since he was too afraid to throw the ball at me. i had this pretty amazing catch earlier that made him think twice. and im smarter than to throw a ball at him haha.

last year we took third. this year we took 2nd. next year its ours!

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