mmm pencil 'stache

so about 3 weeks ago i decided to change my hair color to this really cool red i saw in a magazine.
4.5 hrs and 2 bleaching jobs and dying over that twice i ended up with this color:
not what i saw in the mag but it would do.
it was way more brassy and not so violet as what the picture shows.
it was all fried and holding on for dear life. luckily my hair has a friend who works in a salon who sells swanky hair products and it has started to recovery (thank you, electric snap).
and since i have the attention span of about a month with hair colors it was just a matter of time:
im back in black.

ya, news worthy post, i know.

in other news:
-cant wait for next wednesday! im going to longmont, co to visit my pops and family out there. im so excited i could start packing already. it will be a very short trip but at this point i'd take a few hours just to hang out with my lil brother and sister. they are 8 and 6 years old.

-cant wait to finish this semester! its been a long long fall term. its made me loathe my tuesdays and thursdays. its a 15 hour day before i get back home.

-i started applying for chapman. that application is intense.

-i want to have an exploration weekend. where a group of us in the car and go somewhere far with the expectation of an adventure.

-dodge ball tournament tomorrow night. every year they just get crazier and crazier with uniforms, team names, banners, bets, trophies, and if geoffrey is playing, outburst of foul language can be expected. guaranteed good time.
ive got the same team from last year. the beauties and the beast = Jason, Sara, Florida, and myself. here we are taking third(out of about 18 teams) because we are awesome.

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nicole said...

#1 i liked the reddish brownish coppery color...i'm sad to see it go.
#2 but you look lovely in black
#3 those kids just keep gettin' cuter and cuter. i love the super big, spaced out little kid teeth!
#4 i'm a little worried for all of you tomorrow

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