Fire + Earthquakes. welcome home.

so i woke up on saturday to get some burger basket but found out there was a fire on some hill close to corona.
didn't worry though since nothing ever happens to us in corona.
then i heard cammi had to evacuate her house so i thought i should turn on the news.
quickly found out this fire was pretty big and heading toward my cousin jennifers house. i asked if they were okay and she sent me this:
that's my cousin justin, jenns younger brother, in their back yard.
holy frick. stay awake from the flames, boy!

their house was spared.
cammi's house was too but 12 homes on her street weren't.

in other natural disaster news:
(just playing)
Introducing the future Mrs & Mr Jagger!

my roomie and grayson(who is kinda like our 5th roomie) got engaged on saturday.
im so happy for them!
seriously, puzzle pieces.
save the date: april 5th 2009.

love was even in the food that night when we celebrated. my heart shaped chicken.

then there was the Jason y Jason Fest/Benefit/Party sunday night

Man #1 of the night

Man #2 of the night
jason semple couldn't make it out since he's in recovery. but we still managed to raise a bunch of money to help him out in his hospital bills.

close enough

yo' giving effigy semple some love

dance contest
push up contest
bike balancing contest
the office and forest gump trivia
and then...

the moon walk contest

sorry its so dark, my camera phone has no flash. just lighten up your screens.
i pretty much won a whole new wardrobe from the raffle. bought a jason reyes charity tee and tote. and i even won a pair of toms!


Heather Jagger said...

Hahaha you put "soon to be Mr. And Mrs. JAGGER!!! haha he's gonna smack you in your sleep.

candice valdespino said...

i know where he sleeps too muah ha ha

They Call Me Nails. said...

HAHAHAHA that dance contest was the best, little tator tot rules at the moon walk and the knife fight between nick and jo was THE moment of 2008. HAHAHA.

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