catching up

Lets see... last week was slammed packed with so many awesome things that it was on the border of not being awesome.
not complaining, i swear.
We had one of our best friends april + jason getting married and we were filming their wedding and i was also making their cake, cakepops and cupcakes, filming a promo of the new South Hills album at a studio in fullerton, working on a rushed video for a company that i contractually cant say nor tell you what its about thats how serious that job was (and yes this is me name dropping a unnameable company), whilst working my normal 9-5 and getting a whole day of jury duty.  
Luckily, Geoff helped me out so much and so did many of my friends with the baking duties. And the wedding was one of the most fun and love filled weddings ive been to. I love Love.
God has been really throwing out a ton of opportunities at us for our small growing business. Im so so excited. When im at work all day all i think about is going home and working on editing things we shot and im looking up how to be better. Heather and grayson stayed the night with us on saturday and i seriously just picked her brain for the whole weekend they were here haha. I miss them. Maybe they can talk geoff into relocating to washington. Im not opposed!   
Things have been amazing and wonderful and super busy but im starting to get used to the busy schedule again. I got so used to punching out after work and just hanging out and relaxing that i kinda miss it. This stress though is reeking havoc on my face and my body. I had no time to make healthy dinners so i'd eat some dino-chickies and tots. ten year's taste buds, i know. i swear ive gone up 2 pant sizes since we got married too. you'd think knowing you have to be naked in front of someone would make you eat less and be skinnier but no. (sorry dad and pat if thats tmi!)

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