Baby Haley

Haley Stires
7lbs 12oz
21in long

One of my oldest and bestestses, Rachelle, was always the motherly type. even when we were kids she was the only one of us that could cook a whole meal by herself and used more than just windex to clean her room. mother of the year material, right?? she just had her second kid!
 so cuuuuute... when i walked into the room my face immediately started doing that ugly scrunch that you cant fight and i started bawling. just a wave of all kinds of emotions + pms i guess. its so crazy that i was just feeling baby haley's butt through rachelles belly two nights before and then she was just laying there next to her. insane. kids having kids! congrats to rachelle and harley! youre amazing parents and i love you both <3

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