Halloween Post

Kelsey had a halloween/bday party at her house on the 30th and i was planning on going as Antoine Dodson but i figured there was probably going to be like 3 other people doing that and ran to joann's fabrics the night before and pick up some felt and hot glue and decided to be my favorite snack.
Ice cream cone (me), Indian maiden (Kels), Kelly Kapowski (Brenda H), Sister Mary Clarence (Mary)
Cast of Saved by the Bell!

I think they nailed it.
Mary + Marvin and Dexter (Adam)

Screech (Andy), White Men Cant Jump (Jonathan), Witch (Brenda), Kels and Me

This is when the crowd was around me screaming "GO ICE CREAM! GO ICE CREAM! GO ICE CREAM!"

Because seriously, who doesnt love ice cream?
Oh, i know who.... Geoff. He said that costume made him want to punch me. Its like that little devil on your shoulder that comes out to tempt you when you see the chic fil a cow walking around or chuck e cheese... you just want to step on the tail and see what happens.

Our Halloween day was pretty tame. Stayed in bed and eat cereal till noon watching boardwalk empire. The kind of morning you dream about on monday in the office. Then we went to Lakeshore church and heard PCH speak which is always a delight. Then we went to scottie's dinner fundraiser and hung out with everyone and ate s'mores by the fire. A random show was going on in corona so we wanted to check that out too so we went to Tom's Farms to see The Almost play. Idk how we didnt hear about that happening before the morning because its weird enough to have any band play in corona now that showcase is closed. but toms farms??? for real?! Geoffs good friends with the drummer Joe so we made it for the last 5 seconds of the last song and then just hung out with all the dudes in their tour bus/trailer for the night. Those dudes were super friendly and cool and i think it made geoff miss touring a little bit. If SG could tour like those guys do i wouldnt mind touring either haha.


KristinChaos said...

This can't be real! You seriously just whipped this together?!? Are you completely inside the felt? Or is it just on the front. I am so impressed.

Candice Brouillette said...

yep! i glued it all together and cut out a hole for my face haha. seriously most comfortable costume ever!

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