Stop Child Trafficking Now

A few weeks back geoff and i joined up with a group from remnant to do a child sex trafficking awareness walk in laguna beach. I was on a "camp high", if you will, from just attending shade trees workshop but still hesitant to bring my camera. im so glad i did though. even though it was incredibly hot and sweaty at the beach we had a great time. i wasnt aware that so many people had no idea about kids getting trafficked in our cities, let alone our country. its not just something that happens in other countries. it happens all the time in our counties. please help out by going to these websites and seeing how you can help save these babies, kids, and woman who are trapped in daily sex slavery against their will.

Here's a little ditty i made of our awareness walk:


KristinChaos said...

That was a great video, it gave me chills.

I don't know why but your posts don't show up in my reading list!!

Candice Brouillette said...

must be an blogger issue.

and thanks. im glad you liked the video.

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