sleep cycle

i love the sleep cycle app! as soon as i wake up i check the graph. yep, even before twitter.
for a couple days bryan and i would share our graphs via text at 6am! i love that someone else is as geeked up about it as me.

i had a dream last night that i was at a sleeping giant show with all our friends and all of a sudden i took it upon myself to introduce the band and a when i was introducing geoff i said he was the drummer and then played a drum solo and began to sing. but i was standing outside myself with my friends in awe of what i (my other self there at the show) was doing and apologized for being lame. then i realized that nicole had put a roofie in my drink! we all laughed at me and geoff was embarrassed.
sweets before bed = crazy ass dreams.

1 comment:

nicole said...

Hahaha! I slipped you a roofie! That's great.

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