the only rocky road i enjoy

maybe it was the heat
maybe it was the restlessness from being cooped up in the house all weekend
maybe its because im pre.m.s.-ing bad

but i was on a chocolate flavored binge sunday. first thing i made was ROCKY ROAD ICE CREAM! its my favorite food (i <3 ice cream) in my favorite flavor but made to my liking! when i finally got to taste the final product i felt like this.

Heres how to make Rocky Road Ice Cream:
1 can of condensed milk. (i used fat free)
3 cups of half & half (instead of using heavy and light cream)
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Mini marshmellows
Almonds or whatever nut of your liking

Mix the cocoa powder and condensed milk over the stove on the lowest temp 
till it looks like this.

Then take the 3 cups of half & half and vanilla and mix with the cocoa mix 
till it looks like chocolate milk.
i used half & half milk to avoid that film-on-the-top-of-your-mouth feel you get with using heavy cream.

Then put the giant bowl of chocolate milk in the fridge to get cold. 
Lick the pan and spoon clean in the meantime.

After about 30 mins or so the bowl should be good to go. 
Hopefully before hand your machine's frozen stone or whatever it is that freezes the cream was frozen for about 24hrs just to make sure. You want it so cold the moisture from your finger tips makes them stick to it.
Pour the mixer in and turn it on!

In about 30 mins you should see it starting to freeze up on the sides, thats when you want to start adding in the almonds and 'mellows. I crushed the almonds with a cup and added them (i think 1/2 cups worth) into the mixture. then i just grabbed a few handfuls of mini marsh mellows and let the machine fold them into the cream.
so very thorough, i know.

The time it takes to finished depends on how or what you are using to freeze the cream up. mine only took about 45 mins. If youre using something like a jar in ice you have patience of a saint and you also need to get with the times. 


rocky road

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