engagement pic overload

Heres the good, the bad and the ugly of our engagement session with Jaggerphotography! aka heath and gray! heath is one of the o.g. sheshack members and also a long time friend of geoff. i love heather. and her and grayson are so so SO talented in everything. and a super cute couple. its borderline sickening how adorable they are. they moved away to washington a while ago so when they said they would do our engagement pics geoff and i were so stoked. the first time we tried to do them in january we got rained out. i was so bummed but luckily they were coming back a month later and this is what we got :) ive never had anyone take pictures of me before and i always feel borderline ridiculous when i try to take one of myself so this was so weird. especially the kissing part. geoff claimed he didnt know what to do but all his band photo shoot experiences mustve kicked in because he looks so damn good! or maybe im just bias. either way you cant deny the boy is so photogenic.

carbon canyon, ca


8 more days....

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