we stayed on crystal pier in our own private cottage with our own private back patio of the pier for 4 days. amazing to say the least. after the first day we thought how cool it would be to live there, on a pier, over the breakers. but after that first day we noticed a few draw backs you wouldn't think of like how loud it is to live that close to the crashing waves and not only can they get so loud that you cant even hear yourself pee but whenever a set comes in the whole cottage shakes! i would wake up in the middle of the night thinking it was an earthquake and geoff would just laugh at me. it was so fun! i wasnt a huge fan of SD area like 99% of people are but after this trip i kinda fell for it. i think la jolla is my favorite city down there.

favorite thing i did out there (besides geoff heyoooo)was go kayaking in la jolla. Es Kretzu said it was something we should do, so we did.
idk what we were thinking we were getting ourselves into but it was not was either of us were expecting. i kinda thought we were going to be in a bay like area with the 7 caves they were advertising but when we realized we were paddling from the beach to the buoys... it started out bad. im pretty sure i was useless the first 30 seconds of paddling. i couldnt grasp the fact that my whole paddle had to go all the way into the water thus dousing geoff (tandem kayak)with sea water hahah. we were in a race to get to the waves before they broke over us and i was kinda in a panic and i really didnt want to tip! dolphins and sealions came extremely close to our kayak and instead of going into the caves (the tide was too hide) we saw this major feeding going on in the water. i pretty sure every bird in a one mile radius was circling the water for fish.
the weather was just perfect that day and we were both doing something new together working as a team. love love loved it. i couldnt bring my camera on our lil kayaking escapade but heres some from the rest of our minimoon trip:

sham slam, jellies, star fish, before and after kayaking the pacific ocean, geoff serenading the surfers and some other goodness. 

no, thats not jesus' silhouette. thats just geoff in front of a giant magnifying glass in front of an aquarium. 

polar bear club

me, myself and i at crystal pier cottages (where we stayed)

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