the ups and downs

down: geoffrey is gone on tour.

up: getting surprises from geoffrey while hes gone. (look at june in the bottom right! haha)
Photo 120

up: christmas time at disneyland

down: its friggen cold!
photo 30

up: watching YORK play
photo 12

down: their CDs were mixed with a kid singing about Mac n' Cheese! haha

down: junes got a ear infection + yeast infection
photo 32

up: having beautiful wonderful friends that help you clean out junes gross ear
photo 22

up: meeting Amanda and living with her for 2 weeks (then june killed our other roomies dog... so ya)

down: not living with her anymore
photo 13

i am so blessed. i really am grateful for everything i have and everyone i know. even you.


KristinChaos said...

Bruiser's ear has a yeast infection too right now! I cleaned it out then squeezed some apple cider vinegar with equal parts water in it... I hope it kills the yeast and not his hearing.

Natalie. said...

up: tuesday nights!

candice valdespino said...

@kristin apple cider vinegar is like a cure all! i took june to the vet tho. she was scratching so hard she was making herself bleed and cry. he gave me this ointment and ear wash to clean it out. and he gave me an anti fungal pill for the yeast infection in her ear. if the vinegar works let me know. i need a cheaper route next time

@nataree tuesday nights have become my favorite nights

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