christmas time is here

feeling a little down in the dumps yesterday i decided to go Christmas gift shopping after work. i always go into marshalls or ross with high hopes that ill find a great deal but i always end up just walking out wondering why the cuss i even went. things piled everywhere, rude people and screaming kids. so i went to my safe bet, target. i got a few gifts and wrapping paper and while strolling along those Christmas isles in the back of the store and i got suckered into it all. the tree, pretty ornaments, lights. and since theres nothing christmasy in that big empty house (literally no furniture except whats in our rooms) besides the teeny nativity set on the fire place and gold tinsel hanging on a rail (that richard wanted me to help him with) . so i decided why not.

it screams, im a girl and i live alone.
xmas tree
it has fiber optic lights in it and cheap $2 cute ornaments that look like bows and light bulbs

then i broke out my headband that i made for my halloween costume (i was a christmas tree). hot glued a window light ornament to a plastic head band haha
Photo 152

it never really felt like christmas time before last night.

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Priscilla Autumn said...

I was just at ross yesterday, and I was wondering. The watch and perfume cases are closed to the public...yet it still looks like 825792847 5 year olds went through it... Someone should complain.

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