gift wrapping

after being annoyed by this craptastic tape i bought at target i thought ill just use the ribbon to hold the wrapping paper around the gifts. but since my sewing machine was already out from altering some shirts i thought id try it out. coolest. idea. ever! i dont think you could do this with any wrapping paper but its worked brilliantly with this printed kraft paper i got at target. its a thicker weight than the typical xmas paper.

i just cut a piece big enough to fold over and made a seam on one side of it
photo 51

did the same for the other side and checked to make sure the gift would fit inside there
photo 52
(thats linds' gift)

then i made a seam at the top to close it up
photo 53

BUT, after wrapping a couple of gifts this way i found an easier way with only two seams on each side. i just folded the paper around the gift and BAM BAM on either side and it looked so much cleaner
photo 55

this made wrapping gift way more fun this year. wish i could figure out how to do boxes like this!
photo 54

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or just a Happy winter break!
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