photo dump of my last week

i cant believe its already mid november. insane. its like ever since august time has just zoomed by.
last weekend was non stop so i thought id share some of my favorite parts:
photo 1
not my favorite view but it was fun to watch FL play.

photo 2
the fans
photo 3

then i had to run straight from the game to my cousin's daughter's birthday party. my other cousin's boyfriend dressed up as Hamilton the pig (from maggie and the ferocious beast, i guess). Taytum was a lil hesitant at first...
photo 5
but she quickly warmed up and wouldnt stop hugging and holding his hand. one time is head almost fell off and she screamed, THERES A MAN IN THERE! THERES A MAN IN THERE! but we just told her shes crazy and that its just a pig. she eventually believed us.
photo 4

jojo got married!
photo 11
just kidding. she was in a bridal expo. she owned it. even in a dress like this...
photo 21

here some of my new place:
photo 41
grandma curtains.

photo 51
the chandelier in my bathroom. nbd.

photo 42

photo 32

photo 12
lots of fruits trees in the back
photo 52

and the best part:
photo 22
i get to have my june back.


Jolene said...

yeah!!! a final update :) Did you take those pics with your phone? because the ones of your house look awesome!

Es said...

love those pictures of your house! they look great!!!

candice valdespino said...

ya i took all those pictures with my iphone. its a good little camera. gotta love the holga filter!

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