few things hold my full attention like a jelly fish can. they just completely fascinate me. i mean they are a living thing that is clear, no bones or any other organs that are barely visible, and nothing like anything else.
nat, linds and i went to the aquarium on friday because after 5 its half price and they are open till 10pm. here are a few i took with my iphone. no editing. they are just that beautiful looking. i took some with my holga but have yet to develop it.

this one is probably my favorite

the teeny-tiny ones

other majestic looking sea creatures that i saw: sea horses. they just dont look real! like baby dragon robots or something haha

and the playful seal...

(i know, i sound like such a idiot in this post. im not though. promise)

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Lisa Marcia said...

The last one is my favorite. Have you ever seen a Jellyfish alive? I saw one, one time at Huntington Beach. It was red and it was washed up on the shore and someone had to put it in the trash can because people were almost stepping on it.

I always felt sad for that Jellyfish because it was going to bake in the trashcan! :(

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