Karaoke night!

Here are some highlights from when we took over kelly's pub last thursday.
just another reason why my friends are completely amazing.

this thursday is white trash night or something... not sure but im kinda bummed im going to miss it. kinda not because my beau is back in town for the night! i surprised myself by missing him already. i mean, i knew i would. i just didnt think it would be within the first week he left. but that could be because over the last week ive had a lot of fun and i felt like he missed out (even though i know hes been having many good times on the road and is not missing out in comparison). anyhoo, keep sleeping giant in your thoughts and prayers as they are out right now.


Bryan said...

so sad you wont get here this week for run for the border. mexican night.

Lolo said...

I swear I was there. I think I saw a blur of orange stripes...that was me.

They Call Me Nails. said...

that was the best video ever! hahaha yooou areeee welcome. april is the champ.

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